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Chester Jacket #4011 Kurume Linen Indigo Brushed

Chester Jacket #4011 Kurume Linen Indigo Brushed

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The collar can be folded like a tailored or worn upright,
Coordination is possible according to each mood.
It is characterized by the switching of the yoke, and it embodies a form that is easy to move by calculating the tension based on human mechanics.
The reversible design allows you to enjoy wearing it in 5 ways.

Kurume hemp indigo brushed One side of indigo-dyed Kurume hemp cloth is brushed with a needle punch.
The smooth Kurume hemp material and brushed finish give it a vintage-like texture.
In the process of slowly weaving with a narrow shuttle loom, the fabric is woven while incorporating soft air, so the tension feeling peculiar to hemp becomes softer each time it is washed, and the more you use it.

Model height: 160cm

Length CB to hem 110cm
B 112cm
sleeve length 76cm

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