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Dress Dress #2038W Mixed Cloth Beige/Indigo

Dress Dress #2038W Mixed Cloth Beige/Indigo

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One-piece coat finished with three-dimensional cutting.
It is a piece that has descended from the Baroque era to the present day.

W Mix Cloth Beige / Indigo The beige threads running in the wavy are one thick slub thread dyed in beige and three threads dyed in navy blue with different counts. Thread made into a book.
Instead of intentionally straight lines, the lines appear and disappear in the dark blue background, creating vague lines. A calm and mature Kurume Kasuri check pattern woven on a 4-chome loom with a thick texture.

Model height: 160cm

Length CB to hem 131cm
B 114cm
Sleeve length 73cm

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