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Pants g702Organic Cotton Indigo plant color

Pants g702Organic Cotton Indigo plant color

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Simple pants incorporating French military elements.
The front tuck, straight silhouette, and thin parts on the sides make your legs look neat.
The back pocket is particular about the flap position so that the hip area can be seen neatly.
Hold your waist firmly with a thick belt. The belt has a waist string inside, so you can adjust the size by squeezing it on the side.

Organic cotton indigo plant color
40-ply organic cotton. It has a chic luster and a supple and soft texture. One of the features is that the surface remains beautiful for a long time even after washing because it does not lint. Even when it's made into clothes, it's so light you'll forget you're wearing it.
The combination of warp: indigo-dyed yarn and weft: plant-dyed (T-shaped) yarn creates an exquisite contrast.
The commitment to thread and weave creates a gentle atmosphere.

Model height: 160cm

total length 102cm
waist 96cm
H 116cm

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