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Blouse #5020 Indigo gradation 4 division

Blouse #5020 Indigo gradation 4 division

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A deformed dress that can be worn in a variety of ways.
A fashionable piece that can be worn as a top at times and as a skirt at times.
The high level of design appeals to clothing lovers.
It can also be worn reversibly, and you can use it according to your mood and coordination of the day.

4 divisions of indigo gradation
Giemon Live Factory's 18th, the indigo dyeing gradation that skillfully combines the arrangement of four stripes and gradation. The contrast of various shades of indigo, and above all, the soft texture brings about the "feeling" of wearing it rather than wearing it, and the ultimate lightness.

Model height: 160cm

Length CB to hem 92cm
B 120cm
sleeve length 70cm

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