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One Piece G203 High Density Kinari

One Piece G203 High Density Kinari

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Sampling nurse gowns actually used in the British army.
Originally buttonless and without pockets, the design has been arranged into a dress.
I designed it with plenty of volume and as a current real clothes.

High Density Newsed Kinari The fabric is woven at a high density, so it has a moderate tension and is sturdy, but by using more than 1200 fine count 40 double yarns for the warp, the finish gives you a sense of strength and flexibility at the same time. has become The softness and familiarity with each wash, the old-use atmosphere, and the softness that you can see the more you use it, is truly a "special item".

Model height: 160cm

Length (back center: CB to hem) 122 cm
B 117cm _
Sleeve length 81.5 cm

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