Jazz taco

Jazz taco

Kurume gourmet report this time is Kurume's long-established takoyaki shop "Jazz taco".
This shop with a unique appearance opened in 1979. We have been in business for 36 years this year.
There was a period of closure for a few years on the way, but now it is open and doing well.
By the way, when I was young, my friend was working part-time at this shop,
I remember visiting you many times night after night, eating delicious takoyaki and bourbon like it was yesterday.

By the way, when you enter the store, there is a suspiciously shining aquarium on the right and a room surrounded by wire netting (?) in the back left.
It is obvious that this is not just an ordinary Takoyaki restaurant in a mysterious space with a unique view of the world just like the exterior.

As for the most important dishes, we recommend the signboard menu "Takoyaki".
We are happy to expand our repertoire with sauce, salt, and Japanese-style soy sauce.
Also, the price you are interested in is 500 yen for 12 pieces, which is very reasonable and good.

I remember there wasn't much on the menu before, except for takoyaki.
In recent years, there are many delicious dishes related to octopus other than the proud takoyaki.
Wine goes on unintentionally!

So this time, I introduced a takoyaki shop "Jazz taco" that doesn't look like a takoyaki shop. By all means, please go there once.
"Honnikurume Hayokadesune" to have such a delicious shop.

Jazz taco
3-2 Kushiharacho, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture


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