Collection: artwork

Okamoto Shoten Co., Ltd., which operates the Giemon brand, was founded in 1973 as a Kurume Kasuri fabric wholesaler.
Okamoto Shoten, founded by the founder Tasuke Noguchi, continues to ask the question, "How can we make Kasuri match the current trends?" as the world's fashion changes from Japanese to Western fashion, and continues to work on Kurume Kasuri. This is a company that connects weavers (Hataya) and consumers.

Okamoto Shoten has a large collection of works by living national treasures and holders of important intangible cultural properties.
For the future development of Kurume Kasuri, there are many works of art that would be a waste to just keep in corporate warehouses.
Therefore, we have decided to open up some of our collections.
We would be happy if you could display it as a work of art in your office, shop, or home living room.

The delicate production process of Kurume Kasuri is introduced in the video below.