Bespoke/Processing & OEM

Bespoke and processing

"I want you to make the current product with a different Kurume Kasuri fabric", "I want you to change the fastener from a string to a zipper", "I want you to extend the length by 10 cm or shorten it" etc...
Such customization is also possible. The processing fee varies depending on the product.
We are currently receiving a large number of bespoke requests, so it may take some time to complete.
Please contact for bespoke and processing requests .

Bespoke gallery here

About OEMs

Okamoto Shoten Co., Ltd., which operates " Giemon " , receives requests for OEM products using Kurume Kasuri from time to time.

Collaboration products with characters, creation of small souvenirs for companies, public institutions, organizations, etc.
Creation of room wear for customers such as hotels and inns.
Kurume Kasuri is embedded in the wall as a display item for a house.
Collaborative items with local shoe makers, costume creation requests from celebrities.
Production of goods for famous sports organizations, production of collaboration bags with overseas brands
Collaborative creation of interior furnishings and furniture for a restaurant with a Kyushu theme.
We have a wealth of OEM experience in producing products using Kurume Kasuri .
Please feel free to contact us first.


Phone: 0942-32-6579