[ Giemon ] Develop retro (retrospective) modern (contemporary) products that invite you to nostalgia

A brand that makes use of kasuri fabric and creates things with free ideas.

A brand that continues to provide comfort and dreams to customers who enjoy themselves through good old Kasuri

[ Guillemon ]

A brand that creates products based on the theme of “knowing and enjoying Kurume Kasuri”.

It is characterized by the casualness that has been updated with the keywords of work and outdoor items that have been popular in Japan since ancient times.

We value the rustic texture of Kurume Kasuri and propose products as casual and unadorned daily necessities.

[ Giemon ] Proposing to those who enjoy fashion in their own way
It is a brand that aims to create clothes that are simple but particular.

[ Gi ] Kurume Kasuri is a lifestyle brand that expresses not only apparel, but everyday items that blend into your life.