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Skirt #9008Cotton Wool Dark Gray

Skirt #9008Cotton Wool Dark Gray

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A skirt that makes the most of the silhouette design that is the true value of K.
It is characterized by a soft sense of volume when it moves.
While you can feel the drape of the fabric, it fits well and draws an elegant foot.

Cotton Wool Dark Gray Cotton wool from Shimokawa Orimono, which uses cotton for the warp and wool for the weft.
Wool uses spun yarn that brings out the original texture, and it is warm and has moisture absorption.
You can wear it casually. The composition is 40% cotton and 60% wool.
The cotton and wool kasuri fabric creates a somewhat vintage and nostalgic atmosphere.

Model height: 160cm

total length 88cm
Waist 70cm + rubber

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