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Pants M7003 Stagger Stripes Beige/Beige brushed

Pants M7003 Stagger Stripes Beige/Beige brushed

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Bias-cut wide pants based on human mechanics.
Ease of movement is pursued by distributing tension on the fabric.
It has a large pocket on the side like cargo pants and is fully functional.
There is a string that can be adjusted inside the waist, so it can be worn without a belt.

Yoroke Stripes Beige/Beige Brushed Shimokawa Orimono's original yoroke stripes express curved stripes created by layering warp yarns that have been dyed separately. Brushed with a needle punch, it has a vintage-like texture. Stripes with an exquisite color balance are basic but unusual striped kasuri.

Model height: 160cm

total length 100cm
waist 100cm

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