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Giemon Kurume Kasuri French Military Blouse Jacket G518 Made in Japan

Giemon Kurume Kasuri French Military Blouse Jacket G518 Made in Japan

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Size: Length 57cm, Bust 114.8cm, Sleeve Length 79cm, Cuffs 40cm (Model A is 157cm tall and is wearing Indigo Plant Ox Moss Color and Kei Rokusou Black ) (Model B is 155cm tall and is wearing Mixed Cross Beige/Indigo)
Material: 100% cotton
A simple jacket that incorporates French military elements.
Features a compact length and chin strap.
The strap at the collar is removable, so you can wear it with the collar upright or with an open collar to keep your neck neat.
The sleeves are widened to the hem, with a slight difference in the front and back.
The overall length is a short box silhouette, so the length makes it easy to balance whether you pair it with a skirt or pants.
It's a great item to add as an extra when your outfit is lacking in something, or it's a great item to have in the chilly season because it feels like a blouson.

Color name: Aikusaki Ox moss color is a little thicker than Kurume Kasuri, and it is recommended to open the buttons and use it as a spring/autumn jacket.

Color Name: Kei Rokusou Black is thinner, lighter and softer than Ox Moss Color, and is recommended for use as a blouse in spring and autumn.

Color Name: Mixed Cross Beige/Indigo A thicker Kurume Kasuri fabric that resembles canvas fabric. The fabric has an uneven feel and is a little stiff, making it durable. Indigo-dyed threads run in a grid pattern to accent the design.

商品番号: 032600840001

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